Katrina Kruglova interview, International Model

Entrevista a Katrina Kruglova modelo internacional.

Katrina Kruglova – Model

My name is Katrina Kruglova- model, designer, and organizer of art exhibitions and charities.

I was born in Russia, in Nizhniy Novgorod – a city some 40 mins by plane from Moscow.

I started modeling when I was 18. It happened by accident, but stayed in my life for a very long time and completely changed my destiny.

During the first years of my modeling career I was working in Italy, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, Spain and Germany.

Later on, after being a model around 5 years, I decided to change the vector of my life and became a fashion designer. I founded a clothing brand in Russia.  It was casual stylish clothing for middle class, similar to Zara, but much smaller (haha). I loved what I was doing a lot and was putting all my efforts to make my brand successful.  However, at the same time I felt somewhat unhappy as I was not living in a major city, I felt that the scale of my city didn’t fit my ambitions, and I a needed bigger, more energetic, more ambitious global megapolis.


Katrina Kruglova, modelo internacional


And one day my life brought me to NYC, the city that I love from the bottom of my heart. The city, where I decided to restart my modeling career, and where I signed with One Model Management. It’s been 3.5 years since I moved to NYC, and since I’ve started modeling here. And I can say, that everyday I wake up happy and grateful.

Besides modeling, I also take part in charity work, helping people in their needs, I have some real state projects that I’m in charge of and I’m organizing art exhibitions for upcoming talented artists around the world.

Could Katrina define herself in three words?

Ambitious, loyal, hardworking

Katrina Kruglova, modelo internacional rusa

How was Katrina childhood? What is your nicest childhood memory?

I had a very happy childhood, full of love. I didn’t have anything extraordinary, my parents weren’t rich, I spend a lot of time with my grandparents who passed many good values on to me. I wouldn’t want another childhood for myself, every time I’ m remembering that period – it puts a smile on my face.


For Katrina, what does modeling means? 

Traveling, opportunities, broadening horizons, due to modeling I became much more open minded.

Katrina Kruglova, modelo internacional rusa

Please, name us 5 characteristics that every model should have.  

Sociability, self-support, emotional stability, confidence, neatness

What are your tricks to communicate that image of strength, empowerment and security that we can see in your photos? 

You have to be on the same wavelength with a photographer, trust him and communicate with him. Every picture is teamwork.


Katrina Kruglova, modelo internacional


What tips would you give to the aspiring models? 

Believe in yourself, even if you get to hear a lot of refusals, still try hard as long as you love what you do. Be yourself, love yourself with your advantages and disadvantages. That what make you unique. Don’t try to copy anyone, find the jewels within yourself and show them to the world.

How was your beginning in modeling? How were you discovered? 

One day I randomly met a friend of mine who was helping to organize a casting for a model contest called Elite Model Look.  He said I should come to try it out.  I came, got picked, went to another casting, they picked me as well, took part in the competition and a mother agent discovered me there. I signed a contract and my first modeling trip was to Korea.

Who was (or is) your reference as a model?

I adore Cindy Crawford, Adriana Lima.

Katrina Kruglova, modelo internacional

How is a normal day in Katrina’s life?

If I’m not working, I start my day at 8.30- 9am, cold press a celery juice, do my beauty routine (cleansing, masks), go to the gym, and then I can go for lunch with a friend or go read a book/watch movie, also if I’m not tired I love to cook dinner for my husband and I.

With such a busy life between shootings, what are your tricks to maintain a balance between your personal and work life?

There are no tricks (haha). If there is a busy season full of shootings, travels then I just take it and go with it. Sometimes I don’t see my husband for a week, but we both take it with understanding. The good thing is that most  of my clients are in NYC and the seasons with lots of travel are not nonstop. If I work for NYC clients, even if it’s a busy season – it seems like a normal job when you leave the house in the morning and get back by dinner.


Katrina Kruglova, modelo internacional


Could you tell us about your best shooting and why did you like it most? It maybe about the country, the place where the shooting took place or the brand you worked with.

The biggest job I’ve done so far was jewelry campaign in HK. It was a commercial that run on TV for 2 years and prints that were all over Hong Kong on the main streets, main buildings, transport – literally all over.  Now the goal is to get something similar in NYC 🙂

Which are the brands more representative with whom you have worked with? How was that experience?

I feel like my favorite shootings are for bikini clients. Because they fly you to a nice island, you enjoy the sun, the sea, and yourself (haha). And usually these types of jobs are pretty easy.


Katrina Kruglova, modelo internacional


Have you ever worked with a Spanish brand? If so, please name it. How did you feel? 

I believe I worked, but I honestly can’t remember the name now.

Do you know Spain? Which are the cities you like the best?

Of course I do know Spain!) I’ve been to Tenerife once for shooting, Mallorca, Ibiza and Barcelona. Barcelona was my favorite so far.  An incredible beauty! The city is a museum itself! The Gaudi bullrings look just surreal, hard to  believe that they were built in the 19th century. And another thing that I loooove about Spain is Jamon and Sangria!!!

How does Katrina take care of?

I try not to eat meat. I can’t say that I don’t eat it at all, I try to listen to my body – if I feel that I am craving meat badly, I’d go and eat it, but not on a daily or even weekly bases.  It usually happens once every 2-3 month. If I’m not in Spain of course) I can’t refuse Jamon), I eat a lot of greens, vegetables and fruits. I drink freshly squeezed juices almost every day.  They enrich your body with vitamins  and micro elements. celery juice in the morning on the empty stomach is Especially good for you. It helps to cleanse kidneys, improves digestion, your sling gets better and well being. I also try to drink more té matcha instead of coffee. I meditate, at least 3-4 times a week. And once I have a chance I try to spend as much time outside in nature as I can.


Katrina Kruglova, modelo internacional


What are the exercise routines you practice to keep up fit? Could you share with us three of them? 

Before I moved to NYC I almost never trained, after I moved here , the sporty energy of this city just sucked me in and now I can’t imagine my life without sport. For my 3,5 years of living in NYC I’ve tried different types of sport and classes: boxing, personal trainings, dancing, different type of aerobics, yoga etc. Now (for a year already) my main addiction  is Pilates on reforming machines. There are 2 in NYC – SLT and Bodyrok. I like Bodyrok more. It’s not that type of Pilates that we all used to- it’s different, much, much harder and more fun. After 2 weeks of this training you already see the differences in your body. I just love it!


For Katrina, what does beauty mean?

Beauty for me first of all is inner beauty. Beauty in in deeds and thoughts. Harmony and happiness. All of these make your face much brighter.


Katrina Kruglova, modelo internacional


Could you share with us three beauty tips?

  1. Always take you make up off and clean the face before going to bed. 2. Good sleep 3. Peelings.

For Katrina, which is your favorite make up product? 

For skincare my favorite are Biologique Recherche and SkinCeutical, Dr. Jart. For make up, I love Giorgio Armani mascara, Dior and Charlotte Tilbury foundation, Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel.

In your beginning, did you had too many requirements with the diet?  

No, I was never on a diet really. I care more about the quality of my food – I don’t eat fried or greasy food.  I eat lots of vegetables and seafood.

Could you please share with us your favorite recipe?

I like to cook, but I never cook for hours. I prefer quick and delicious recipes. One of my fav salads is endive, Parmesan cheese, for souse you smash 1 avocado , add 1/2 lemon and olive oil. That’s it. Super easy and super delicious.

Another quick one i do for breakfast – Avocado toast. Smash 1 avocado, 1 tomato, 1/2 squeezed lemon, olive oil, flax seeds. Mix it. Put on top of toasted bread. And on top of this toast I like to put slice of salmon and poached egg. Yumm!!!

Finally, we would like to know: 

How do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years I see myself as a happy, successful woman, mother and wife. I see myself, running  my own successful, very profitable business. Giving the best I can to my 3 kids and being in total harmony and love with my husband.

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